This Roman breast plate is designed after the famous Augustus of Prima Porta statue.  A majestic example of Imperial Roman statuary.  The human proportions are based on the Doryphorus - a statue by Polykleitos portraying the ideal proportions of an Athenian athlete.  The breastplate scenes depict the Roman victory over the Parthians.  The Parthian king returns the Roman standard(s) to Tiberius who received them in person in 20 BCE.  These were previously lost by Crassus in 53 BCE and Mark Antony in 36 BCE.  The canine is perhaps the wolf of Romulus. To the right and left of the central figures are women representing conquered Roman provinces perhaps Gual (with boar and dragon trumpet) on the viewers right and Spain on the left (which may also represent client tribes in Germany and the east).  At the top Caelus unfolds the canpy of the heavens.  To the left Apollo drives the chariot of the Sun.  To the right Aurora (the dawn) holds her urn with Luna (the Moon) holding a torch.  The bottom central figure reclining is Mother Earth (Terra Mater) holding a cornucopia and to her right Diana rides a stag and to her left Apollo rides a griffen.  Limited to 100 copies.   Each will be signed and numbered on the back or inside.  Price per unit of breast back and two shoulder guards without leather work is $1495.  Price of body armour with leather attached is $1945.  Helmet greaves and stand extra.

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